2012 Friday Night Adult Races Results - The Auth Mug is born

The quest for the Auth Mug begins! Named in 2013 in honor of the only person ever to have won it, the winner of the Friday Night Adult Races series will have their name engraved on this most glorious of perpetual trophies, plus other honors bestowed upon them.

  • Races ran every Friday, May 11th through the end of August in three month-long series (with a short, practice series in May). 6:00 to 8:00.
2012 May Winners 2012 June Winners 2012 July Winners 2012 August Winners
Carl and Sarah
(but May was just practice)
Nicole and Carl yay! Nicole and Carl yay! Sarah and Matt Yay!

August Results:

July Results:

June Results:

May Results: