Thursday Night Adult Social Races - The Auth Mug

[There are currently no adult races being held.] Named in 2013 in honor of the only person ever to have won it, the winner of the Adult Races series will have their name engraved on this most glorious of perpetual trophies, plus other honors bestowed upon them (like more glory and honor).

Races occur during the Juneau Yacht Club's regular weekly socials (which means the facility is available for use!). So we go, rain or shine! If there's no wind, we'll do something social instead.

  • The Adult Race Series is an adult program. A race manager will be present, but there will be only limited instruction and supervision.
  • Participants needn't have Vanguard 420 experience, or race experience, but you do need to have sailing experience, or be accompanied by someone who has sailing experience.
  • [Adults who want to learn to sail should look into our adult classes.]
  • Races are every Thursday from the first Thursday in June to the last Thursday in August, from 6:00 to 8:00.
  • Meet at the Yacht Club.
  • The cost is $50 per person per month or $15 for one day or $120 for a whole three-month season. This is a great deal (so, you know, feel free to volunteer your time or make donations : )
  • We need you to sign the usual spread of waivers. We'll have them printed out for you, or you can bring a copy on your own.
  • In the incredibly unlikely event that we run out of boat space, it's first-come-first served / we can coordinate sitting out to make sure everyone gets turns. [This has never happened.]
  • Dress properly! Click here for guidelines.

The race program is on hiatus. Want to put the time into starting it up again? Drop us a ine!