Adult Class Description:

Our primary focus is youth instruction, but now and then we hold special adult classes as well (they're basically fundraisers), usually towards the latter-half of the summer. Send us an e-mail and we'll notifiy you next time we schedule one.

  • Sailing is an inherently physical activity that requires
  • Adult classes are nominally for adults 18 and older (there's wiggle room though).
  • Adult classes are one day long, on Sunday, 10:00AM to roughly 6:00PM.
  • Please bring a lunch with you -time is short and we dont' want to lose an entire hour to eating
  • Adult class tuition is $120 per person (they are, in effect, fundraisers to subsidize the youth classes).
  • Adult classes meet on Norway Point at the Juneau Yacht Club. Map.
  • Participants wear drysuits provided by JYS while on the water. A swim test and a capsize drill will take place at the start of your class. These involve swimming in the Channel, and capsizing and righting a dinghy.
  • The drysuits have five latex gaskets that come into direct contact with skin. We do not currently have a way to accommodate participants with latex allergies, as it is present in all of our suits. You may bring your own drysuit, or a wetsuit if you're okay with ebing damp all day.
  • Participants will get wet through their participation in sailing classes, possibly up to the point of full submersion. If any part of you truly cannot get wet, we do not recommend risking participation in this program.
  • Sailing is an active, fast-paced sport that requires athleticism and the ability to pay attention and respond quickly to one's surroundings. There will be swimming. Boats will tip over. We don't want to scare anyone off, but it's important that participants realize how active this activity is and are prepared for it.
  • Participants must wear long sleeves and pants under their dry suits even on hot days.
  • Bring a copy of the adult waiver with you, or sign one when you arrive.
  • If you have a group of interested people, we can work to schedule you a ''private'' adult class. In the past, we've done all-ladies classes, groups of co-workers, etc. Send us an email.