The Vanguard 420 Sailing Dinghy:

JYSailing maintains a fleet of Vanguard Club 420 dinghies. They are double-handed, bermuda-rigged, planing hull racing sloops. The hulls are fiberglass and gelcoat, with aluminum mast and spars and a fully retractable centerboard. We chose this model because they are durable, time tested (being first developed in 1959), and they are easily rightable from capsize position, hard to sink, and at 420 centimeters (hence the name) they are an ideal size for a craft in a program that's geared for youth of all ages up to adulthood .

We have seven older model 420s (the blue deck boats) that are the remainder of the eight purchased from SYC, and six newer white-topped boats that have been acquired since. Our boats are all 15-30 years old. 

LOA: 4.20 meters (13'-9"), Beam: 5'-4", Mast height: 20'-6", Main and Jib area: 140.5 sq. ft., Spinnaker area: 95 sq. ft.