Weight and Age Limits:

There is a max and min for both, and they are for your student's protection as well as that of others in their class. Students younger than 12 and much less than 60/65 lbs tend to not have sufficient upper body strength or weight to be able to right a capsized boat or to keep it level in high wind, and our drysuits only go so small (80 lbs is even better). We also like kids to have at least 12 years of common sense before giving them a boat to drive around.

At the other end of the scale, persons who are over 200lbs will find difficulty in moving around safely within a dinghy, and may have trouble fitting into a drysuit (we only have sizes up to XXL). If you're concerned, get ahold of us ahead of time and we'll discuss.

For safety's sake, we must reserve the right to disallow persons who are too large or too light to sail with us safely, at the discretion of our instructors and board of directors.