Overview of changes for 2021 season

If conditions continue to be amenable, and particularly if schools appear to be doing well, we will hold classes this summer. If conditions change, there may be cancellations. We'll stay in contact.

  • There will be no Juniors classes. Level 1 classes will begin for 12-year-olds and up. Kids younger than 12 need Junior Instructors, which adds up to 50% more bodies in the room. Anyone who was a Junior in 2019 should be old enough to continue in 2021. 12 is the minimum age this year. Kids younger than that are physically too small to sail the boats alone in non-moderate winds, and are too-likely to freeze in situations that demand swift action to avoid collisions.
  • We will not have any volunteer opportunities for Junior Instructors. The hope is past JIs will sign up for Level 2 and Level 3 classes and enjoy not having to look out for youngsters.
  • The instructor team for 2021 is set - everyone who was going to teach last year is onboard for this year.
  • There will be no half day sessions, and no class on Fridays. All classes will start at 8:30 and end at 4:00, and be four days in length. This is to accommodate our hosts at the Juneau Yacht Club and ensure adequate separation between user groups. This means there will be only 8 total classes.
  • Class tuition will be $300. On a per-hour basis, this is less than a standard half day Juniors or Level 1 class was. Our need-based scholarship program is still in place.
  • There will be COVID mitigation and masks will be required even on the boats (crew sit right next to each other, and there is often no air movement at all). Failure to follow the guidelines will result in removal from the program.
  • When students arrive, they will be met outside (at their cars or on bikes) to have their temperature checked and be asked the usual health questions. Students must wait outside to be screened before going in. Parents please don't come in.
  • Classes will be in the Graham room and the Main Hall.
  • Send kids with a lunch. Lunch will be eaten in the Main Hall with spaced spots on the floor. This is the only time mask removal will be permitted. Do not assume we will have access to the microwave in the kitchen.
  • There are 96 spots, and we usually have about 120 registrations, so we know that not everyone will get a spot and are very sorry. If you don't get the class you wanted, please put yourself on the waitlist in case a spot opens up.

Additional covid mitigation measures and requirements are described in the forms and waivers that each student must sign and bring to class. Thank you for your patience.